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So It’s been a week since the presidential election.  I’m still processing.  However I do have a couple of observations.

So much fear.  And I do think the fear comes first.  Then the hate.  Even from some of those who’s candidates were elected; a release of feelings and reactions buried for a long time.  (8 years?)

Fear and hate, so much of both.  Coming from both sides they are like the forces water and wind that create great storms, filled with thunder and havoc.

I too have felt the swells of great emotions crashing against my center, pulling me like a riptide out unto the maelstrom of angst.

Prayer has been my bulwark and refuge.  Prayer has helped clear the fog of otherness and blind blame.  In the storm I begin to see faces; faces of people, known and unknown.

The teaching is still there, the work before us.   Love one another.

The narrow path lies before me, as it ever has.  Pick up my baggage and walk through the storm, even if drenched and battered.  Share the journey with anyone willing; the destination remains unchanged.


Posted 11/15/2016 by DigitalQuaker in Politics

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